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Note: You will need to install RagnarokV3 Archangel Lite Installer on top of the KRO Full client (if you do not have KRO installed yet). Installing the Lite Installer without KRO will result to not having the game to work. 

1. Download both Lite Installer and KRO Client (If you already have the KRO client, you don't have to download it again)

2. Run the lite installer

3. Set the installation directory to your KRO folder

4. Let it finish installing

5. Launch RagnarokV3 Archangel Patcher and you're good to go. 


RagnarokV3 Archangel Lite Installer v1.0

Size: 194.05mb

Click here to download (MediaFire)


KRO Full Renewal Client (2017-06-07)

Size: 2.7gb

Click here to download

Date Modified : 07-21-17