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Server Information

Server Type: High-rate / Non-PVP / Hunting

Rates: 4k/4k/1k

Max ASPD:196

Max Stat: 99

Currency:Zeny / Archangel Event Coin

Automated Events:

-Cluckers (Every 12 hours)

-Poring Catcher (Every 6 hours)

-Disguise Event (Every 2 hours)

-Find the Mushroom! (Every hour)

Custom NPCS:

-Warper (Towns, Dungeon Entrances, Underground Mall, Gold Room, PvP Warper)

-MVP Warper

-Job Master

-Reset Girl

-Healer (with basic buffs)


Main Town: Prontera

Custom Items:

-5 Upper headgears

-5 Lower headgears (wings)

Customs are not tradable. Can be purchased from the underground mall via Archangel Event Coin.


-Random custom upper headgear and lower headgear (expires in 1 week)


-Active Admins / GMs

-Strict monitoring for friendly community

-Server timezone: GMT +8

-Lagless server: Hosted in Kansas, USA

Date Modified : 05-30-17